We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our daughter, Anna Elizabeth in September! Praise the Lord for a great pregnancy so far and please continue to pray for us and a healthy baby and a great labor and delivery! After much thought and prayer, we decided I would stay here in Brazil to have the baby and and we will go to the U.S., Lord willing, in December so she can meet everyone. Since we are not in the US, many have asked how they can send something for the baby. Things here in Brazil for babies are quite expensive and getting things here from the U.S. isn't always practical so I have come up with two options. 1) this site as a way to give a monetary gift that we can use here towards bigger items like a crib, dresser, AC unit for her room, nursing chair, etc... 2) I set up a registry on www.babiesrus.com (search for Claire Ferreira or Lucivan Ferreira) with some things we need and that my parents can bring down when they come in early August. Thank you so much for blessing us in this exciting time! We can't wait for Anna to come and be able to meet all of our family and friends! 

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